Primary Tuesday

This July 27, 2010 will bring us one primary this week, as voters in Oklahoma go to the polls.  Like many of these primaries this year, it’s another opportunity for change in the halls of Congress.

Oklahoma only has five seats in the House to talk about – one of them is open, as Rep. Mary Fallin (R-OK) is running for Governor.

Of the four other lawmakers, only one is not facing a primary challenge, which is a bit different than many other states.

For example, last week in Georgia, eight of 13 House members faced a primary.  That 61% without opposition has not been unusual in many states this year.

But in Oklahoma today, three of four do face a primary challenge.  It doesn’t mean that any of them will lose, but it does indicate an active election season in that state.

In OK 1, Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK) of Tulsa faces a crowded field of challengers.  Oklahoma does have a runoff, so it could be possible for the group of challengers to keep Sullivan under 50%.

And you never know what happens in a runoff.

In OK 2, Rep. Dan Boren (D-OK) faces a challenge from the liberal side of the party, as State Sen. Jim Wilson has taken on the incumbent.

The other primary challenge is in OK 4, where Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) faces a primary as well.  Only Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK) managed to avoid any intra-party challenger.

Once again, I’m not predicting any shakeup here, but it is another reminder that if you are looking for change in the Congress, then the most likely time for that to happen is 14 weeks from today, on November 2.