Ethics vs Rangel

Today is expected to be the day that the findings of the House Ethics Committee are revealed about the conduct of Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), an action that could bring new calls for his resignation.
The release of what’s known as the “Statement of Alleged Violations” comes as a special ethics subcommittee will hold its first, organizational meeting on the Rangel matter on Thursday afternoon.
So far, two Democrats have called for Rangel to resign, but that certainly could go up as all the details are made public.
As for Rangel, he again held off on direct comment, telling reporters yesterday that he did not want to comment until all the details are out.
But by late in the day, he completely stopped any chit-chat with reporters, making us wonder whether some kind of deal was in the works between his lawyers and the ethics panel.
It’s not clear if Rangel will say anything at the first meeting of the special ethics sub-panel today.
On the floor of the House, there was evidently a lot of talk in both parties yesterday that Rangel would have to cut a deal to save his party from the embarrassment of a public ethics hearing in September.
What Democrats want to focus on right now is two-fold – their legislative plans and their argument that Republicans are blocking everything under the sun from making it through the House and Senate.
Look for the Rangel charges to get a lot more publicity today than questions of legislative guerilla warfare.
That’s just the way the ball bounces.
A couple years ago, the ball bounced in favor of the Democrats on ethics matters before the 2006 elections.
This year, the ball may be bouncing more to the liking of the GOP.