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Congress back for lame duck rush

7:13 pm Nov. 30, 2014

After being in session only four weeks since August 1, it’s no surprise that as the Congress returns from a Thanksgiving break, there is little chance of wrapping up work on a slew of major legislative items, as much of the work may simply be booted into the New Year.

“This is no way to do business,” said Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) just before lawmakers jumped on planes to go home

President Obama urges calm in Ferguson

10:09 pm Nov. 24, 2014

Appealing for calm in Ferguson, President Obama told reporters at the White House that a discussion is still needed in America about race relations, but he directly urged those disappointed with the grand jury decision not indict a police officer in the shooting death of a black teenager to divert their fury into something other than violence.

“To those in Ferguson, there are ways of channeling your concerns constructively,” Mr. Obama

Hagel out as Defense Secretary

11:03 am Nov. 24, 2014

In a surprise announcement, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel handed in his resignation on Monday, as President Obama said Hagel had concluded that now was an “appropriate” time for him to leave the Cabinet.

“When I nominated you for this position, you said you would always give me your honest advice,” the President said, adding, “you have.”

While Hagel thanked the President for allowing him to lead the Pentagon, the event in

Obama, GOP vie to set agenda

7:19 pm Nov. 23, 2014

Even though his party took a drubbing on Election Day, President Obama has moved aggressively in recent weeks to push his own agenda, capping it with last week’s roll out of executive actions on immigration reform, the first of many battles with a Republican Congress over next year’s legislative agenda.

“Pass a bill,” the President said repeatedly at an event in Las Vegas on Friday, as some in the crowd heckled

GOP targets Obama executive actions on immigration, health law

9:42 am Nov. 21, 2014

Republicans on Friday denounced President Obama’s executive actions on immigration reform, as one party leader accused the White House of “sabotaging” efforts in the Congress on immigration reform and vowed some sort of legislative response.


Details on White House immigration plan

5:30 pm Nov. 20, 2014

Before the President’s speech to the nation on immigration, the White House released details of Mr. Obama’s executive actions, which features plans to shield over 4 million people now living illegally in the United States from being deported.

As for the legal authority behind these moves, the Justice Department released a memo on that, which can be found at http://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/olc/opinions/attachments/2014/11/20/2014-11-19-auth-prioritize-removal.pdf.

Here are the details as provided by the White House press

Congress digs in on immigration

10:26 pm Nov. 19, 2014

Even before any details were known about President Obama’s speech on immigration, members of both parties were already locked in a verbal duel about the merits of his executive actions, signaling what may be a sharply contested debate that seems sure to spill into the New Year.

“I don’t think it’s in the best interests of the country,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) to reporters gathered off the House floor.

“I don’t

Obama to speak Thursday night on immigration

12:41 pm Nov. 19, 2014

After months of delay, the White House on Wednesday announced that President Obama will speak to the nation at 8 pm ET to lay out his plans for immigration reform, as officials indicated his executive actions could shield upwards of 5 million people now living illegally in the United States.

“Tomorrow night, I’m going to be announcing, here from the White House, steps we can take to fix our broken immigration

Senate Democrats block Keystone XL pipeline

6:01 pm Nov. 18, 2014

In a rebuke to one of their endangered colleagues, Senate Democrats blocked a bill to jump start construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada by a single vote, as Republicans immediately vowed to bring the plan up next year, when they will control both houses of Congress.

“It is so clear to the people of Louisiana that this pipeline should be built,” said Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), who used

White House pushes ahead on immigration

11:25 am Nov. 17, 2014

Giving off fresh signals that President Obama will act on immigration reform “this year,” the White House touted a weekend story that showed Republican Presidents using executive orders to allow certain illegal immigrants to stay in the United States, as both parties prepare for a major political showdown over immigration.

With the President just back from an eight day trip to Asia and Australia, the White House message focused Monday on