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Obama open to compromise with Congress in 2015

3:02 pm Dec. 19, 2014

While noting his differences with Republicans on a series of issues, President Obama used a year-end news conference to make clear that he’s ready to make some deals with the GOP Congress in 2015.

“I think there are real opportunities to get things done in Congress,” the President told reporters, though he made clear he wasn’t ready to give the GOP just anything.

“The question is going to be, are we

Congress mulls response on Cuba

11:58 am Dec. 18, 2014

In the aftermath of President Obama’s announcement that he would move to normalize relations with Cuba, there are a number of things the Congress could do to bolster – or block – efforts by the

GOP clinches historic majority in House

4:23 pm Dec. 17, 2014

Six weeks after voters went to the polls, Republicans grabbed one final victory in a race for Congress, as elections officials in Arizona declared GOP candidate Martha McSally a narrow winner, giving Republicans their largest majority in the U.S. House since the 1928 elections.

“There’s no getting around that this was an incredibly close and hard-fought race,” said McSally, after being declared the winner by just 167 votes out of over

113th Congress adjourns for 2014

6:19 am Dec. 17, 2014

After Democrats used their last day in charge of the Senate to approve a final batch of judicial nominees offered by President Obama and watching a few more pieces of legislation run aground, Senators wrapped

Judge finds Obama immigration actions unconstitutional

3:28 pm Dec. 16, 2014

In the first legal ruling about the President’s recent executive actions on immigration, a federal judge in Pennsylvania has said the move to defer deportation for millions of people in the United States illegally was

Omnibus filled with funding restrictions

7:43 pm Dec. 15, 2014

With the weekend approval of the Omnibus funding bill for the federal government – the second time lawmakers this year have enacted a giant spending measure – the Congress once more exercised its “power of

Rumbling from Left & Right in Congress

8:20 pm Dec. 14, 2014

As the 113th Congress winds to a close, the last few days may have given us a taste of what’s to come in 2015, with liberal Democrats sparring with the White House and more conservative

Senate approves Omnibus spending bill

9:40 pm Dec. 13, 2014

After an unusual Saturday session that mainly featured talk about a growing rift within the Republican Party, the Senate gave approval to a giant $1 trillion funding plan, ensuring that there will be some kind

House approves Omnibus funding bill

9:54 pm Dec. 11, 2014

Just over two hours away from a government shutdown deadline on Thursday night, a bipartisan coalition in the House approved a massive year-end funding bill for the federal government, turning back a challenge from liberal

Omnibus set for Thursday vote in House

8:14 pm Dec. 10, 2014

After a day of complaints from both parties in Congress, GOP leaders set a vote for Thursday on a giant, year-end Omnibus spending measure, as top Republicans expressed confidence they will get just enough votes to approve the plan, despite liberal and conservative opposition.

Asked by a reporter if he would have enough votes, Speaker John Boehner gave an animated “Yes” while walking by an open door on the House floor,