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EPA accused of ignoring sexual harassment

12:56 pm Apr. 30, 2015

A pair of senior officials from the Environmental Protection Agency were raked over the coals by a House committee Thursday, as lawmakers demanded to know why a high level employee had been elevated to a new job inside the agency, even after being accused of sexual harassment by numerous female co-workers.

“We’re talking about seventeen women who were harassed, and there doesn’t seem to be a flashing red light that goes

Gyrocopter basically flew under the radar to DC

2:07 pm Apr. 29, 2015

In an at times contentious hearing, military and law enforcement officials acknowledged that a small helicopter was too small to be detected by radar and other security assets as it flew to the nation’s capital and ultimately landed it on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

“This is not good,” said Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA), who said it reminded him of how the U.S. was not vigilant enough before the Nine

President Obama denounces riots in Baltimore

2:27 pm Apr. 28, 2015

Hours after rioters had injured police, looted stores, burned buildings and vehicles, and attacked innocent bystanders in Baltimore, President Obama publicly denounced the violence, as he said those behind the disturbance were nothing more than “criminals” and “thugs.”

“They’re not protesting, they’re not making a statement,” the President said. “They’re stealing.”

“There is not excuse for the kind of violence we saw yesterday,” the President told reporters in the White House Rose

New AG deals with Baltimore riots on first day

7:33 pm Apr. 27, 2015

Just a few hours after being sworn in as the 83rd U.S. Attorney General by Vice President Joseph Biden, Loretta Lynch found herself in the Oval Office briefing President Obama on an outbreak of violence in Baltimore, as violence erupted after the funeral of an African American man who had died from injuries while in police custody.

“Attorney General Lynch assured the President that she would continue to monitor events in

Handicapping the Presidential Derby

6:49 pm Apr. 26, 2015

The first Saturday in May is almost here, which means the Kentucky Derby is about to arrive, and that seems like it’s a good time to handicap the field of those jockeying to run for President of the United States.

The race for the White House is much like the beginning of horse racing’s Triple Crown – a lot of horses can dash out of the starting gate at Churchill Downs

DEA chief out over agent ‘sex parties’

5:45 pm Apr. 21, 2015

One week after lawmakers openly said they had lost confidence in the leadership of the Drug Enforcement Administration chief over how she dealt with the misbehavior of drug agents, Michele Leonhart informed her bosses that she would leave her post next month.

It was a fresh reminder of the power of oversight by the Congress, as lawmakers used a hearing last week to seize on an internal report that revealed not

White House denies favoritism for Clinton Foundation donors

2:55 pm Apr. 20, 2015

The White House on Monday tried to swat away allegations that donors to the Clinton Foundation received special treatment from the State Department while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

“I know there’s been a lot of accusations made about this, but not a lot of evidence,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

“The President continues to be extraordinarily proud of the work that Secretary Clinton did,” Earnest added during a

Hillary Clinton goes to New Hampshire

8:19 pm Apr. 19, 2015

After a weekend in the Granite State that featured repeated attacks on Hillary Clinton, now the Democratic Party frontrunner will just about have the state to herself on Monday, as she arrives for her first campaign stops since officially declaring herself a candidate for President.

The Clinton campaign said the Monday and Tuesday visit to New Hampshire would be the “first of many,” focusing on “how to make the economy work