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Rare Sunday session looms for Senate on surveillance

7:00 pm May. 30, 2015

After failing to move forward on legislation dealing with intelligence surveillance reform before Memorial Day, Senators will return to work on Sunday afternoon facing a midnight deadline to renew several expiring provisions of the anti-terrorism

Feds opt against appeal of immigration ruling

7:48 pm May. 27, 2015

After a legal setback at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this week, the Justice Department announced on Wednesday that it would not pursue an emergency effort to lift a stay that has blocked the President’s immigration actions, instead focusing on the next round of appellate arguments on the matter.

“Although the Department continues to disagree with the Fifth Circuit’s refusal to stay the district court’s preliminary injunction, the Department

Judge orders monthly release of Clinton emails

2:00 pm May. 27, 2015

A federal court has ordered the State Department to publicly release Hillary Clinton’s emails from her time as Secretary of State on a monthly basis, starting on June 30 and wrapping up by the end

Judge asked to force faster release of Clinton emails

9:59 am May. 27, 2015

A federal judge in Washington, D.C. is being asked to force the State Department to move more swiftly to release emails from Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

A day after the State Department proposed

Congress demands answers on IRS breach

7:53 pm May. 26, 2015

Angered by revelations that hackers may have gained access to around 100,000 taxpayer accounts, lawmakers in Congress made clear they want answers out of the IRS and a better understanding of how online thieves were

Appeals court leaves Obama immigration actions on hold

2:12 pm May. 26, 2015

In another legal setback for the Obama Administration, a federal appeals court panel has refused to lift an injunction against the President’s executive actions on immigration, leaving on hold plans that would allow some 4-5

Feds ready to end NSA collection of phone records

7:33 pm May. 25, 2015

The failure of the U.S. Senate last weekend to deal with expiring provisions of the anti-terrorism Patriot Act has led the Obama Administration to begin work to end a controversial National Security Agency surveillance program dealing with the bulk collection of phone records.

“We have long said that we would not continue the program if the statutory authority expired on June 1 and we have begun the wind down process, including

Senate leaves town without action on Patriot Act

7:48 am May. 23, 2015

Unable to muster enough votes to either approve a House-passed reform of terrorist surveillance laws or push forward on a GOP alternative, the Senate left town for an extended break early on Saturday morning, with

State Department releases some Hillary Clinton emails

12:38 pm May. 22, 2015

Three days after a judge rejected the idea of releasing all of Hillary Clinton’s emails early next year, the State Department released the first batch of electronic mail from her time as Secretary of State,