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Trump poised for Super Tuesday victories

6:18 pm Feb. 29, 2016

From Atlanta, Georgia –

On the eve of an eleven state primary and caucus showdown for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump sparred again with Marco Rubio, implored voters to turn out on Tuesday, and rolled

Rubio: A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary

12:48 pm Feb. 29, 2016

From Atlanta, Georgia –

In the midst of a four state push on the eve of Super Tuesday, Marco Rubio told voters here that his struggle with Donald Trump is not just for the Republican

Trump wins first Senate endorsement

7:27 pm Feb. 28, 2016

From Madison, Alabama –

Before a huge crowd at a high school football stadium, Donald Trump continued his stern criticism of Marco Rubio and secured his first endorsement from a sitting Senator, as Sen. Jeff

Clinton wins easy in South Carolina

8:44 pm Feb. 27, 2016

It wasn’t just a win. It was a blowout for Hillary Clinton in South Carolina, as she defeated Bernie Sanders much like a big football school would dispatch a small college on a Homecoming Weekend in the South.

With almost all precincts reporting, Clinton had over 73 percent of the vote, to just 26 percent for Bernie Sanders – a 47 point win.

“Tomorrow, this campaign goes national!” Clinton said to

Clinton favored in South Carolina

7:33 am Feb. 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton is the strong favorite in South Carolina, as the Democratic front runner looks to solidify that position with a win over Bernie Sanders in the Palmetto State on Saturday.

“The polls are open in South Carolina, and I’m feeling great,” Clinton said in a fundraising email sent out early Saturday to supporters.

Clinton and Sanders shadowed each other in South Carolina on Friday for their final pitch to voters, making

Rubio ridicules Trump as “con artist”

1:38 pm Feb. 26, 2016

From Dallas, Texas –

The day after launching a verbal broadside against Donald Trump in a Republican debate in Houston, Marco Rubio continued those attacks both on the morning television shows and on the stump

Super Tuesday schedules tell a story

10:58 am Feb. 26, 2016

From Dallas, Texas –

As Marco Rubio and Donald Trump held rallies in this area on the day after the latest GOP debate, the schedule decisions of the five remaining Republicans hopefuls shed a lot of light on where they see opportunities to do well in the eleven Super Tuesday states of March 1.

In the last four days, it really isn’t feasible to hit all eleven of the Super Tuesday

Quick takes from the GOP debate

10:02 pm Feb. 25, 2016

From Houston, Texas –

With just days until Super Tuesday, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz joined forces in a CNN debate at the University of Houston on Thursday night, attacking Republican front runner Donald Trump

Previewing the GOP debate

2:19 pm Feb. 25, 2016

From Houston, Texas –

The Republican field is down to five as the candidates gather for a debate at the University of Houston, with just five days until GOP voters in eleven states cast votes

Rubio invokes Reagan in Texas pitch

7:26 pm Feb. 24, 2016

From Houston, Texas –

On the eve of a key Republican debate, Marco Rubio made the case to supporters that he is ready to take on the leadership role handed down by Ronald Reagan, as