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What’s next in the 2016 race

3:13 am Mar. 24, 2016

The pace of the race for the Republican and Democratic Party nominations for President will slow somewhat over the next few weeks, as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump try their best to turn themselves into the ‘presumptive’ nominee of their party.

The next round of voting comes up on Saturday, March 26, when Democrats have three caucus states:

+ Washington State has 67 of 101 delegates at stake in precinct level caucuses


Trump extends lead; Sanders wins two

5:36 am Mar. 23, 2016

The race for President in both parties showed no signs of ending on Tuesday night, as Donald Trump slightly extended his Republican delegate lead in a split decision with Ted Cruz, while Bernie Sanders won

Trump, Cruz battle over their wives

9:55 pm Mar. 22, 2016

Even before the votes were in on Tuesday night from Arizona and Utah, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were embroiled in a Twitter war that centered on their wives, as Trump threatened to “spill the

Cruz likens Trump foreign policy to Obama

11:22 am Mar. 22, 2016

Hours after a coordinated terrorist attack in Belgium, Ted Cruz zeroed in on recent foreign policy remarks by GOP front runner Donald Trump, accusing Trump of a world view that is basically weak and isolationist,

Trump, Clinton look to expand delegate leads

9:23 pm Mar. 21, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will try to ring the bell on Tuesday night they way they did a week ago, by expanding their respective delegate leads in the race for President, and putting them even more on a collision course for the November elections.

Republicans and Democrats will again have a slightly different roster of states on March 22:

+ Republicans hold a primary in Arizona and a caucus in Utah


Trump huddles with GOP insiders in DC

2:45 pm Mar. 21, 2016

From Washington, D.C. –

In a bid to gain more support from the Republican establishment, Donald Trump met on Monday with current and former GOP lawmakers in Congress, getting advice and insight on how best

Protests and punches overshadow Trump in Arizona

8:13 am Mar. 20, 2016

It was another day of stories related to Donald Trump that had little to do with policy declarations or stump speeches by the GOP frontunner, as protests, punchouts and the actions of his top aide

Next front opens in GOP delegate fight

3:34 pm Mar. 18, 2016

For most people watching the battle for the Republican nomination, this weekend is not on their radar, as there is no primary or caucus voting in any state.

But, if you are serious about

Options open for anti-Trump effort

2:44 pm Mar. 17, 2016

A meeting of conservative activists here in Washington, D.C. did not seem to immediately bear fruit on how best to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for President, as a statement issued by organizers continued to hold out the threat of a third party bid for conservatives in November.

“We are committed to ensuring a real conservative candidate is elected,” the group said in a statement released by Erick Erickson

Anti-Trump conservatives gather in DC

5:57 pm Mar. 16, 2016

While some Republicans have attacked the GOP establishment for trying to find ways to stop Donald Trump’s drive to their party’s nomination, now a group of more conservative activists are gathering in Washington on