Trump, Clinton look to expand delegate leads

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will try to ring the bell on Tuesday night they way they did a week ago, by expanding their respective delegate leads in the race for President, and putting them even more on a collision course for the November elections.

Republicans and Democrats will again have a slightly different roster of states on March 22:

+ Republicans hold a primary in Arizona and a caucus in Utah

+ Democrats vote in Arizona and Utah as well, but also have a caucus in Idaho.

“I do think we’ll have a big night in Arizona,” Trump told reporters at a news conference in Washington, D.C. on Monday, as he expressed confidence that he will gather the delegates needed to win the Republican nomination.

Arizona has 58 delegates at stake, which go to the statewide winner. A Trump win there would more than offset the 40 delegates up for grabs in Utah.

Ted Cruz has led in late polls in Utah, but needs to get above 50 percent of the vote in order to win all the delegates in that state.

A Trump win in Arizona along with a Cruz sweep in Utah would be a draw in the headlines – but it would still mean a delegate lead for Trump that is getting larger, and that is the important number.

As for the Democrats, don’t be surprised if we have a familiar type of outcome, where Bernie Sanders might even win two of three states, but Hillary Clinton could come out on top in delegates.