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Documents released in Trump University case

8:04 pm May. 31, 2016

A federal judge described as a “hater” by Donald Trump, publicly released documents related to a lawsuit against the presumptive GOP nominee for President, showing off the sales strategies of Trump University, as its workers

Trump spars with press over veterans money

2:20 pm May. 31, 2016

In a news conference where he laid out details of how he handed out almost $6 million in money to veterans groups around the nation, Donald Trump sparred repeatedly with reporters on Tuesday, denouncing one from ABC as “sleazy,” as he gave the news media the verbal back of the hand while being broadcast live on various cable news networks.

“I think the political press is among the most dishonest people

Trump continues attacks on federal judge

8:18 pm May. 30, 2016

Donald Trump used his Memorial Day to continue an aggressive line of attack against a federal judge who is handling a lawsuit against Trump University, as the presumptive Republican nominee has argued the judge in

Fight over LGBT rights derails House budget work

11:37 am May. 26, 2016

The U.S. House on Thursday defeated a spending bill dealing with domestic energy and water programs, as GOP conservatives rebelled against a provision added by Democrats that would bar discrimination by federal contractors against lesbian,

AP declares Trump the GOP winner

9:43 am May. 26, 2016

The Associated Press on Thursday officially declared Donald Trump the winner of the Republican race for President, reporting that Trump has now secured the support of enough delegates to gain more than a majority at

Watchdog: Clinton refused to answer email questions

12:31 pm May. 25, 2016

A new report from the internal watchdog at the State Department says that Hillary Clinton refused a request to be interviewed about her controversial email setup while she was Secretary of State, and that seven

GOP moves to temper House attacks on Trump

6:03 pm May. 24, 2016

Using a rule governing decorum in debate that was originally put in place by Democrats during the 1992 election to stave off Republican attacks on Bill Clinton, Republicans in Congress moved on Tuesday to temper

Sanders asks for Kentucky primary vote review

12:23 pm May. 24, 2016

With the May 17 Democratic Primary in Kentucky still not official, Bernie Sanders’ campaign has asked election officials in the Bluegrass State to do a basic review of the vote totals from that night, to

Trump heads back on the road

8:17 pm May. 23, 2016

Three weeks after a convincing win in Indiana that knocked his last two rivals out of the GOP race, Donald Trump gets back in campaign mode on Tuesday, kicking off a four day, three state trip that will take him to some of the final states in the 2016 primary race.

Trump will start his trip in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Wednesday he holds a rally in Anaheim, California, then goes to

Sanders pushes Clinton like it’s 2008

8:10 pm May. 22, 2016

After enjoying the months and months of battles among the many Republicans running for President, Democrats have now watched how the end of the GOP race has instead turned the focus more on the electoral battle in their own party, as Bernie Sanders shows no signs of giving in anytime soon to Hillary Clinton.

“There are six states remaining, and I hope by the end of this nominating process we will