Trump, Clinton aim for Indiana wins

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While the primary schedule isn’t over yet for either the Democrats or Republicans, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hope to deliver another blow to their rivals in Indiana, and edge even closer to claiming their party’s nomination for President.

Trump used a pair of rallies in Indiana to make the case that a vote for either of his rivals was a big waste of time and effort.

Trump also reeled in some high profile sports endorsements, winning the public support of former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz and former Purdue basketball coach Gene Keady, to go along with ex-Indiana hoops coach Bobby Knight.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz and his backers – including Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana – barnstormed the state, making their case that Trump must be stopped.

In the final hours before the polls opened in the Hoosier State, Cruz also tried to push back at what has been a successful line of attack for Trump, by accusing Trump of being a liar – this ad was a late addition in Indiana:

But just as Trump’s birther attack on Cruz worked, it seems the “Lyin’ Ted” line has done damage to the Texas Senator as well, as his approval numbers have declined in recent weeks.

30 delegates go to the statewide winner on the Republican side; also 27 delegates are handed out to the winners of the nine Congressional districts in Indiana (3 apiece).

Kasich seems unlikely to win any delegates; Trump’s backers hope he can pitch another shutout of Cruz on Tuesday.

As for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton remains the favorite in Indiana, though one poll showed Bernie Sanders not far behind.

Still, as we have seen in other states, a tight finish for Sanders does nothing to help him edge closer in terms of delegates, as Clinton remains the strong favorite for the Democratic Party nomination.

The final Democratic Party primary is June 14 in the District of Columbia.

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