Family gives Trump a boost

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From Cleveland, Ohio

One goal of the Republican National Convention this week was to introduce Donald Trump’s family to Americans, and that certainly seems to have worked on the first two nights of this GOP gathering, helping to present a softer side of Trump for voters.

“Whatever he does, he gives his all,” said Tiffany Trump; her mother Marla Maples was married to Trump for six years.

Tiffany told of how her father wrote encouraging notes on her report cards, as she labeled him a “man of vision.”

“My dad is a natural born encourager,” Tiffany added, saying that her friends always find Donald Trump to be friendly, considerate and real.

“His desire for excellence is contagious,” the 22 year old told delegates in a voice that was so calm, you would have thought this type of speech was old hat for her.

Tiffany was followed on stage by Donald Trump Jr., who also relayed to delegates and viewers how his father had pushed him along in business, and in life.

“For my father, impossible is just a starting point,” the 38 year old Trump son said.

“That’s how he approaches business projects, that’s how he approaches life,” Trump said of his dad. “He’s always fully committed.”

Trump Jr. also segued a bit into the political realm, criticizing the Obama Administration for bureaucratic excess, blasting the Dodd-Frank law and more.

It was noticed by some conservatives who are not big fans of his dad.

Eric Trump will be speaking about his dad on Wednesday night, just after a video presentation that is entitled, “My Father, Donald Trump.”

All three of the Trump children would seem to be very able surrogates on the campaign trail for their father – and they also bring along the stories of him as a dad.

To me, the speeches of Tiffany and Donald Jr., and Trump’s wife Melania on Monday night, those have been the three strongest speeches in terms of helping Americans figure out who Donald Trump really is.

People want to vote for you not just because of your party affiliation or who also is backing you – but they also want to know what makes you tick.

And so far, the Trump family seems to be making that case better than anyone else.