Clinton diagnosed last week with pneumonia

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Hours after Hillary Clinton suddenly left a 9-11 ceremony in New York on Sunday morning and seemed to be on the verge of physical collapse, the Clinton campaign told reporters that the candidate had been diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday, and had simply become dehydrated and “overheated.”

The medical troubles forced Clinton to scrap two days of campaign stops scheduled in California on Monday and Tuesday, but also raised new questions about why officials had been so secretive about her medical troubles – especially after last week, where critics had repeatedly zeroed in Clinton’s cough during several days of campaign stops.

But there weren’t many details offered by the Clinton medical team, which allowed the story to churn and spin its way through social media with predictable results.

“A lie like everything else that comes out of her mouth,” said one person on my Facebook page.

“Lies and cover ups there’s the title of your new book Jamie,” chimed in another person.

But on the other side, supporters rallied behind Clinton, saying she was just trying to keep her schedule despite being ill.

As a reporter, it was very notable that the pneumonia diagnosis was not issued until after there was the Sunday morning trouble – it raises the distinct question of whether the Clinton campaign would have ever revealed that diagnoses, if not for her own medical problems today.

In the end, two very different pictures of Clinton were painted on Sunday in New York – one, was a video that showed her in definite medical distress, while the second video was later in the morning, where she was seemingly fine when leaving her daughter’s apartment.

One other notable thing about Sunday is that Donald Trump stayed off of Twitter and out of the limelight on this issue, as he did not say anything directly about Clinton’s health troubles.