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Lawmakers, car groups, worry as clock ticks on Trump auto tariffs decision

12:47 pm Feb. 18, 2019

A day after a Commerce Department report was submitted to President Donald Trump on the possibility of a national security declaration involving tariffs on imported automobiles, lawmakers in Congress joined automobile manufacturers and free trade groups in urging the White House not to embrace new tariffs amid renewed fears of growing trade tensions involving the U.S.

“President Trump is right to seek a level playing field for American businesses and workers,

Once a big fan, Trump grouses again about Saturday Night Live

12:25 pm Feb. 17, 2019

Just a few years after boasting that tickets for his appearance on Saturday Night Live were the “hardest to get in the history of this great show,” President Donald Trump on Sunday morning again expressed his unhappiness with his portrayal on the long time NBC comedy program, as he issued a familiar blast, saying the “RIGGED AND CORRUPT MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.”

“Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night

Congress passes border deal as Trump readies emergency for border wall

7:50 pm Feb. 14, 2019

The House and Senate moved swiftly on Thursday to approve a package of unfinished spending bills for 2019, as President Donald Trump signaled that he would sign the measures into law in order to avoid a second partial government shutdown on Friday night, but the White House said the President would go a step further and declare a national emergency to funnel more money into his campaign pledge for a

President Trump to sign funding bill, declare national emergency on border

2:24 pm Feb. 14, 2019

After leaving lawmakers in both parties in suspense about a House-Senate deal on border security funding, the White House said Thursday afternoon that President Donald Trump had agreed to sign a group of spending bills into law to avoid a second partial government shutdown, but that the President would then immediately declare a ‘national emergency’ in order to funnel money from other projects into additional border security measures, a move

Senate confirms William Barr as new U.S. Attorney General

12:37 pm Feb. 14, 2019

After a debate clouded by how the Justice Department will handle the results of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, the Senate voted mainly along party lines Thursday to confirm William Barr for the post of Attorney General, as Barr returns to the Justice Department almost 28 years after holding the same position. The Senate vote was 54-45.

“The President made an outstanding choice with Mr. Barr,” said Sen. John