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Trump, GOP leaders ready for tax reform victory in U.S. House

2:00 am Nov. 16, 2017

With the outcome seemingly in hand, President Donald Trump will go to Capitol Hill on Thursday morning to meet with House GOP lawmakers, as Republicans get ready to vote for a sweeping tax reform package which would deliver close to $1.5 trillion in tax relief over the next ten years to individuals and businesses.

“Tax cuts are getting close!” the President tweeted on Monday night.

Mr. Trump will trek to Capitol Hill

Republicans poised to push GOP tax reform bill through House

1:44 pm Nov. 15, 2017

In search of their first major legislative victory of 2017, Republicans took an initial step forward on a sweeping package of tax cuts and tax reforms, as the House on Wednesday afternoon easily moved past the first parliamentary hurdle to a GOP tax reform package, setting up a final vote on the Republican tax plan for Thursday.

“The American people want and need something done right now,” said Rep. Pete Sessions

Attorney General frowns on GOP calls for special counsel to probe Hillary Clinton

11:56 am Nov. 14, 2017

Addressing calls by conservative Republicans in the Congress for the appointment of a special counsel to probe Hillary Clinton over the sale of a company during the Obama Administration with American uranium reserves, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions told lawmakers on Tuesday that there would need to be facts to support such a high profile investigation, giving no indication that such a probe has been authorized by the Justice Department.


House Republicans confident about tax reform vote, as Senate moves to repeal individual mandate

9:36 am Nov. 14, 2017

Aiming at a vote on Thursday in the full House on a sweeping GOP tax reform package, Republican leaders expressed confidence today that they will be able to overcome opposition within Republican ranks to some of the tax details, and muster enough support for a signature agenda item of both the GOP and President Donald Trump, as Senate Republicans vowed to add a provision to the bill that would repeal

More GOP Senators back away from Roy Moore as new accuser surfaces

3:00 pm Nov. 13, 2017

While Roy Moore vowed to stay in the race for U.S. Senate from Alabama, as he called new allegations of sexual misconduct against him a ‘witch hunt,’ more GOP Senators said it was time for Moore to drop his election bid, with one key Republican going so far as to say that if Moore is elected in a December special election, then the Senate should vote to expel him.

“If he