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Five reasons why $1 trillion deficits may not be far away for Uncle Sam

4:00 am Jan. 13, 2018

It wasn’t that long ago that Republicans denounced four consecutive yearly deficits of over $1 trillion during the Obama Administration, but now that the GOP is fully in charge of the White House and Congress, it’s possible the deficit may be heading back into the territory of that very large figure.

The federal deficit in 2017 was $666 billion; the Congressional Budget Office estimates it will be $699 billion in 2018,

Pushing for border wall, Trump to meet with Senators on immigration policy

3:00 am Jan. 9, 2018

With little progress to show from negotiations in Congress on the future fate of illegal immigrant “Dreamers” in the United States, President Donald Trump will meet at the White House with lawmakers of both parties on Tuesday, as he continues to say the Congress must approve billions of dollars to build a wall along the Mexican border, and approve significant immigration enforcement actions in exchange for any Dreamers deal.

“We are

Trump to address farm conference, attend college football championship game

3:00 am Jan. 8, 2018

In his first foray into the arena of agricultural policy, President Donald Trump goes to Tennessee on Monday to address a convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation, as the White House says Mr. Trump will outline ideas on how best to spur new economic growth in rural areas of the United States, which have not shared in recent job gains.

“While other sectors of the American economy have largely recovered

2017 – A year of photos at the U.S. Capitol

2:00 am Dec. 28, 2017

After a rather tumultuous year of news in Washington, D.C., Jamie Dupree is off this week. But he left behind some of his favorite pictures of one of his favorite places in the world –

A window into the past of the U.S. Senate

2:25 am Dec. 26, 2017

After a rather tumultuous year of news in Washington, D.C., Jamie Dupree is off this week. But he left behind one of his favorite blogs.

One of the great things about working in the U.S. Capitol

Senate gives lump of coal to dozens of Trump nominees

8:00 am Dec. 24, 2017

Ratcheting up the level of conflict between Democrats in Congress and the White House, the Senate has officially returned dozens of nominations made this year by President Donald Trump, which will force the Trump Administration

Hammering out the details, GOP tries to corral final votes for tax reform

3:00 am Dec. 15, 2017

Republicans in Congress on Thursday moved to put the finishing touches on a sweeping reform of the federal tax code, though the effort was endangered as a pair of GOP Senators signaled their opposition to a final child tax credit deal, while the health problems of two other GOP Senators also clouded plans for a final vote next week.

“There is no done deal yet from my perspective,” said Sen. Tim

Five things to watch for in Congress this week

2:00 am Dec. 11, 2017

With two weeks until Christmas, the to-do list is a long one for the Congress, as GOP lawmakers try to finish work on a sweeping overhaul of the federal tax code, fund the government into 2018, and look to deal with a number of other contentious issues that have eluded lawmakers and the White House, but it’s not clear how much the House and Senate will be able to accomplish

Trump, GOP leaders ready for tax reform victory in U.S. House

2:00 am Nov. 16, 2017

With the outcome seemingly in hand, President Donald Trump will go to Capitol Hill on Thursday morning to meet with House GOP lawmakers, as Republicans get ready to vote for a sweeping tax reform package which would deliver close to $1.5 trillion in tax relief over the next ten years to individuals and businesses.

“Tax cuts are getting close!” the President tweeted on Monday night.

Mr. Trump will trek to Capitol Hill